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• Lahore has highest number of patients-329 in country • Punjab allowed use of its water share for cotton sowing to Sindh • Faisal Edhi files visa application for Palestine to help war-torn country • Indus water system to see massive dip in next 24-48 hours • 100 migrants swim to Spain’s Ceuta enclave during last weekend of April • Prisoners make up over 60pc of Thailand’s Covid cases • Economy contracts 1.5pc in CY2020: study • 18 officials suspended in Lahore over ‘out-of-turn vaccination’ • Carmakers seek cut in duties • CAA revokes permission for Dubai-Peshawar flight • Pakistan desires strong ties with EU: COAS • K2 base camp area gets internet access, phone coverage • Govt challenges LHC order letting Shehbaz go abroad • Govt to unveil Rs110bn agri package in budget • Forex firms supply $4b to inter-bank market • Car sales contract 17% to 17,144 units in April • CDWL approves four development projects worth Rs8.7bn • PM’s aide Zulfi Bukhari steps down over ring road scam • Biden administration approved $735 million arms sale to Israel • India's Gujarat evacuates over 200,000 people as Cyclone Tauktae hits • Pakistan’s first female Google Developer, Sakina Abbas becomes Expert for Flutter • Karachi records highest night temperature in May since 2015 • Crude oil rose 22 cents to $66.50 a barrel • Gold rate fell 50 cents to $1867.10 an ounce • Dollar is trading at Rs 152.85 in the interbank market • American Idol eliminates Casey Bishop to determine its top 3 finalists • WarnerMedia tie-up with Discovery to target streaming big shots
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    • Covid Updates: 2,566 cases reported while 135 deaths recorded in last 24 hrs
    • Currently, 67,665 cases are active in the country
    • The death toll reaches 19,752 in Pakistan
    • 2,989 people recovered in last 24 hours
    • The current positivity rate is 8.8%  in the country
    • Over 163 million infected globally, more than 3.3 million dead, over 97 million recovered
    • Tokyo doctors call for cancelation of Olympic Games due to Covid-19
    • Bide surges international vaccines aid in riposte to Russia, China 
    • Germany mulls making vaccines free for all from June 7 
    • EU regulator backs month-long storage of Pfizer vaccine in fridges 
    • UAE reports 1,229 new coronavirus cases, 2 deaths
    • Eurovision Song Contest returns despite the pandemic
    • At 26pc, Karachi's East district records Sindh's highest positivity rate
    • Dubai eases Covid-19 restrictions, allows full hotel capacity 

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A Dentist, Love Letter Writer, Turned President Arif Alvi Husband To First Lady Has a Secret At Home, “No Objection On Ur Wife”

The couple spoke about their 50 years together, tolerating jokes and writing love letters.

The morning show host, Nida Yasir was invited by the First Lady Samina Alvi and her husband, President Arif Alvi, at their residence for an exclusive interview where they shared the reason behind their cute yet strong bond. The couple not only shared hilarious stories but also gave an insight into the spark and connection necessary for a marriage approaching 50 years.

A dentist by profession, President Alvi, first stepped into the political arena during his academic years in Lahore. With young energy of a dedicated budding politician, he led student unions and even got shot during protests. Writings on his career are abundantly available but the support he always had was his wife.

“She provided valuable support to me in my political life, even though she was not cut out for it. Since the party [PTI] was established in 1996, and in fact even before that, we’d have 20 people coming over for a meeting on very short notice, sometimes 50. Even with such urgency, she always hosted the visitors well.”

He explained.

“I’d be informed hours before that Imran Khan was coming with a bunch of other people, and I would just tell her, never having to worry about her getting annoyed,” the president said.

“I love meeting people. Even on days I’m tired and not feeling it, I enjoy being among people and he’s just the opposite.”

The extroverted first lady added.

With president’s little to no knowledge about decorating the house, the first lady takes care of it all.

“I trust her completely with that, I will never tell her that something is kept in the wrong place, or should be somewhere else,” he said. Confessing that there have been times he points out a new decoration piece only to learn it’s been there for months or even years.

The president praised her wife’s tolerance of his jokes often while teaming up with his kids. Since the first lady is quite the opposite which reminds us of every older desi couple.

The couple also shared how they tied the knot. The two were distant cousins, we learned, and hence they had frequently met even before marriage.

“I’ve never had any wishes for how she should dress. She wears what she likes, I don’t have much to contribute there. But she, however, often tells me to change a certain piece of my clothing, and then I have to remind her, ‘Have I ever asked you to change something you’re wearing?’ I have never.”

The president also said.

His wife confessed this is where most the couple’s differences occur, though saying it’s not really a big deal. “Its because I dress well,” she said confidently.

The First Lady, who is by all means a socialite, said people often ask her to invite her less social husband to their events, confessing it’s not easy. “It’s become difficult to manage that now, to his benefit.”

The first lady noticed that her husband is big on fitness and exercise and asks her to do exercise and diet where she lacks consistency.

“To be fair, I was never much into exercise,” said the president, “but I’ve always been into sports. I played squash till 2005, when my political career got in the way.”

“I work out five days a week, and on the other two, I take long walks of 12 to13 kilometers. Yes, I have to do it in hiding, but that’s easier these days, and I sometimes even go to the trails for a hike.”

Of his own habits, he said.

“All my elders have always told me I was a mischievous child,” he said, “I have nothing but fond memories from school.” The president shared a story from his childhood when he came home to tell his mother the school was off the next day, trying to be intelligent and making up a story, but he confessed in hindsight his lie was too obvious. His mom also didn’t buy it, and he had to go to school the next day.

The couple’s interview showed great energy and was truly heart-warming.

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