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A Bill, Everybody will Appreciate: Sindh MPA wants everyone to marry before turning 18

The Sindh MPA has submitted the bill seeking to make marriage compulsory for people over 18 years.

A unique bill has been submitted in the Sindh Assembly asking to make it compulsory for parents to marry off their children right after they turn 18 or else face Rs 500 fine for violating the proposed law, TTI reports.

The proposed bill has been named the ‘Sindh Compulsory Marriage Act’, 2021 makes it compulsory for every person turning 18 to marry.

Opposition member Syed Abdul Rasheed from the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal submitted a draft of this bill in the secretariat of the assembly.

The mere fine of Rs500 is suggested in case of failure.

The proposed law would require the parents to submit an affidavit in the office of the deputy commissioner, explaining why they are unable to marry off their children at the age of 18 years.

However, if they fail to submit any such affidavit, the parents could face a Rs500 fine for each of their unmarried children.

After submitting his proposed bill, the MMA lawmaker made a video sharing the reason for submitting this bill. He said that his bill was in accordance with the teachings of Islam, which called for marriage after attaining adulthood.

The MPA further shared his views on the austerity in marriage functions too.

He further asked the government to play its part in making marriages an easy task with no undue burden on parents in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

He said that the government should introduce laws and make efforts to ensure austerity in marriage functions, hoping that his proposed law would be helpful in supporting the youth and curbing immoral activities in society.

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