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In Over A Month, Pakistan Reports Fewer Than 3,000 New Cases

Because of a decrease in new COVID infections, the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) on Monday announced that all arriving travellers will no longer have to undergo Rapid Antigen Testing

COVID-19 has infected over 1,465,910 people in Pakistan, with 1,349,189 people recovering and 29,553 people dying, leaving 87,168 current cases.
Over 53% of the 52,327 tests conducted by Pakistan on Tuesday yielded positive results for COVID-19, with 2,799 new infections detected.
Because of a decrease in new COVID infections, the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) on Monday announced that all arriving travellers will no longer have to undergo Rapid Antigen Testing, permitting maximum attendance at Pakistan Super League matches from February 15.

National Horse and Cattle Show in Lahore will be held from March 10 to12, with 100% attendance of fully vaccinated adults and unvaccinated children under 12 years old, according to a statement from the forum. PSL matches in Lahore will be allowed to have 50% stadium capacity for fully vaccinated spectators until February 15, and 100% capacity for fully vaccinated spectators beginning February 16.

The total number of confirmed cases is 1,465,910 (Tests: 25,475,293)

Punjab has 490,103 confirmed cases. Sindh has 553,112 confirmed cases. 34,853 people have been infected in Balochistan. In KPK, the number is 204,084 and in Islamabad alone, its 131,000 confirmed COVID-19 Cases.

Pakistan’s confirmed cases rose to 1,465,910 in the 24 hours up to 8 a.m. on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the number of those who have died has risen by 37, bringing the total to 29,553. At the same period, the number of people who recovered rose to 1,349,189. According to the National Centre for Immunisation and Respiratory Diseases, there are now 87,168 active cases of COVID-19 in Pakistan, with 1,668 of them requiring critical care.

Around the globe

Over 5,769,241 individuals have died because of the virus after infecting over 398,240,480 people worldwide. The extremely contagious Omicron version of COVID-19, which was first discovered in South Africa, is spreading throughout the globe. Even though the new coronavirus variant has been rated less lethal than previous incarnations, health experts have underlined that even a “moderate” infection might be debilitating and advised individuals to exercise caution, wear masks, and avoid big gatherings.

According to the World Health Organization, developed nations should stop hoarding vaccines in excess of their needs and share them with developing countries, stressing that deploying vaccine boosters for those who have already been immunised does nothing to prevent the mutation of new variants in populations that have not been vaccinated. Overall, 317,751,963 of the 398.2 million+ people affected have been able to return to their pre-infection status.

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