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Women’s freedom: Women can now perform Hajj and Umrah without Mahram, says Saudi Minister

Women will only be administered via arbitrary authority by their Mahram.

Islamabad: Federal Minister for Religious Affairs informed recently that Saudi authorities gave permission to women to perform Hajj without a male guardian; the ‘Mahram’, upon the urge of Shiites and other sects. The decision will be implemented from Hajj this year.   

It was disclosed in an interview with Noor ul Haqq Qadri that On Monday, 14h June, the Arab News announced that women can register to perform pilgrimage without a male guardian.

In the light of a tweet released by the Saudi Ministry of Haj and Umrah, the registration directions for this year’s domestic Haj Performers, women can go along with other women and are not complied to go for Hajj with a male guardian.

“Those wishing to perform Haj will have to register individually. Women can register without a mahram (male guardian) along with other women,”

With the legal amendments by the UAE Kingdom announces that the strict laws for women are now uplifted and the Saudi government agrees upon women living on their own not requiring the consent of their male guardians or Mahram. Upon government’s directions, the deeply rooted male supervision and rule over women are crumbled as legal minor – women will only be supervised via arbitrary authority upon them in genuine matters.

The Saudi Kingdom had allowed consent to ladies to travel abroad without endorsement from a male guardian in 2019.

Saudi Arabia declared on Saturday it would permit 60,000 inhabitants vaccinated against Covid- 19 will be registered to perform this year’s Haj, yet Muslims from abroad would not be allowed for a second consecutive year.

Moreover, the ministry released three packages for pilgrims and that the number of pilgrims in one tent will accommodate no more than 4 and the distance of 2.5 meters between two pilgrims will be maintained. Also, quarantine centers will be created separately beside the Holy shrine.   

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