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wife of Indian cricket team captain Rohit Sharma expresses solidarity with Palestinians

Ritika Sajdeh, spouse of Indian cricket team skipper Rohit Sharma, has lent her voice in solidarity with the distressed inhabitants of Gaza.

Recently, she took to Instagram to share the trending phrase “All Eyes on Rafah” on her story, aligning herself with the worldwide call to spotlight the grave circumstances in Gaza’s Rafah region.

The phrase has gained momentum on social media as a symbol of solidarity with Palestinians enduring immense hardships amid ongoing Israeli airstrikes.

Ritika’s post aligns her with countless others worldwide who are drawing attention to the plight of over 1.4 million Palestinians seeking safety from the violence.

Despite Ritika’s admirable stance, she has faced criticism from certain segments of Indian social media users. This backlash underscores the deeply divided opinions on the Israel-Palestine conflict within India and beyond.

The situation in Rafah has worsened significantly, with recent Israeli airstrikes targeting a United Nations Relief and Works Agency refugee camp, resulting in the tragic deaths of at least 45 individuals.

The recent escalation of violence follows the International Court of Justice’s ruling against ongoing Israeli military actions. Despite this ruling, airstrikes have persisted without pause.

According to reports from first responders in Rafah, at least 16 Palestinians lost their lives in the latest series of airstrikes on Tuesday. Once considered a relatively safer area within the conflict-ridden Gaza Strip, Rafah is now experiencing heightened hostilities, leading to widespread displacement.

The situation is dire, with nearly 1 million residents fleeing Rafah, many of whom were already displaced by previous conflicts between Israel and Hamas. These displaced individuals now find themselves living in makeshift camps under extremely challenging conditions.

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