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Two men hiding in SUV Trunks Exposed by X-ray Scanners at UAE border

Two individuals attempting to illegally enter the United Arab Emirates(UAE) were apprehended by the Sharjah Ports, Customs, and Free Zones Authority (SPCFZA). The suspects were discovered hiding inside small iron boxes ingeniously installed under the rear trunks of two SUVs during an inspection using advanced X-ray scanners.

The SPCFZA credited the proactive efforts and constant vigilance of inspection officers who analyzed scanner data for uncovering the infiltration attempt. In a series of posts on social media, the authority described the incident as an illicit effort to smuggle two individuals into the country.

A video shared by the authority depicted officers opening the rear bumpers of the vehicles, revealing the two men tightly squeezed inside a two-foot box. The infiltrators lacked any documentation, and both they and the vehicle drivers were handed over to the authorities for legal proceedings.

Mohammed Ibrahim Al Raisi, the Director of Terminals and Border Points Affairs at the SPCFZA, emphasized that tackling infiltration was a top priority for the authority. He noted that the UAE’s significant economic and developmental progress made it susceptible to such threats, as the country becomes a target for certain individuals.

Step-By-Step: Applying For A Work Residence Visa In The UAE

Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates has emerged as a prime destination for many Pakistanis seeking employment opportunities and the means to support their families back home. To legally work in the Gulf country, individuals must obtain a work residence visa, and the process involves several key steps.

There are two main types of visas available for skilled workers intending to work in the UAE: the standard work visa, valid for two years, and the green visa for work, which has a longer validity period of five years.

The standard work visa caters to employees in both government and private sectors, covering those working in mainland companies or free zone firms.

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