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Turkey relaxes quarantine rules for Pakistanis

Now Pakistani students and those with Turkish resident visa will be able to complete quarantine at designated hostels instead of expensive hotels.

ANKARA: The Turkish Government has relaxed quarantine rules for travellers arriving from Pakistan. Turkish government has taken this decision on the request of Pakistani Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, that aimed at giving some relief to Pakistanis reaching Turkey.

On the request of this Embassy and keeping in view the hardships faced by Pakistani students who will be joining their academic institutions in Turkey after summer break, they will be allowed to undergo the mandatory quarantine of 10 days at the designated dormitories instead of private hotels. This rule is effective from today till 1 September 2021. 

Now Pakistani students will be quarantined at the Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution (KYK)’s Muhteşem Süleyman Dormitory in Istanbul and Tahsin Banguoğlu KYK Dormitory in Ankara. A valid student identification document showing that they study higher education in Turkey would be required. Pakistani students studying at universities based in provinces other than Istanbul or Ankara, will only be able to travel to the provinces where their registered universities are based after the end of the quarantine period in KYK dormitories in Istanbul or Ankara.

Those coming from Pakistan who have valid residence and work permit will be exempted from hotel quarantine and will spend their mandatory quarantine period in their residence. However, such persons will only be allowed to go to their residence by private vehicle and cannot use domestic flights or public transportation.

Other than current students and holders of Turkish residence or work permit, those coming from Pakistan for visit or tourism purposes, will be quarantined at the designated private hotels as per previous practice. Turkish hotels, however, are charging up to 200 Euros per night per person for 10 days during quarantine stay of guests.

The Embassy of Pakistan in Ankara conveys deep appreciation and gratitude to the relevant authorities who amended quarantine rules on our request. The Pakistan Missions in Turkey are available to assist Pakistani nationals to the best of our abilities.

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