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Russia scrambles to increase weapon production for Ukraine war

Russian President Vladimir Putin has urged his government to cut through red tape in order to produce enough weapons and supplies to feed his troops in Ukraine, where a Ukrainian counteroffensive has put Russia’s forces on the back foot. Putin is dealing with military production delays and mounting battlefield losses.

The eight-month battle has seen such severe supply shortages for the Russian military that Putin was forced to set up a system to try and address them.

Putin highlighted the need to “achieve higher tempo in all sectors” on Tuesday as he presided over a new committee established to speed up the manufacturing and supply of weapons and supplies for Russian military.

Many of those mobilized to fight in Ukraine, which the Russian president estimated to be 222,000 out of a target of 300,000, have reportedly not received necessary basic supplies like medical kits and flak jackets and have instead had to fend for themselves, according to Russian news sources.

By visiting a training facility in Russia last week, Putin made an effort to project the impression that everything was going according to plan.

Some newly mobilised Russian forces may have been hurried to the front lines of the conflict without enough training, according to some sources, and they are being forced to use outdated and occasionally defective equipment.

The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence reported that Russia was now likely to turn to the employment of a large number of drones to try to bypass Ukrainian air defences in place of increasingly limited Russian-made long-range precision weapons.

The ministry reported on Tuesday that Russia’s “artillery ammo is running low.”

The decreased pace of Russian air, missile, and drone strikes “probably reflects dwindling missile and drone stockpiles and the operations’ limited success in achieving Russian strategic military aims,” according to the Washington, DC-based Institute for the Study of War.

Despite the supply problems, Russia’s force has caused significant harm and significant casualties in Ukraine by demolishing homes, government structures, and the country’s power grid. 350 billion euros ($348 billion) is the World Bank’s current assessment of the damage to Ukraine.

The United Nations reports that 15,246 civilian casualties were registered in Ukraine between the commencement of the Russian incursion on February 24 and the beginning of October. 6,114 of them were murdered and 9,132 were injured. According to the UN, 7.7 million Ukrainians have left their country and are currently residing as refugees throughout Europe.

According to a Downing Street official, the UK’s new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak assured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Tuesday that his nation’s support for Ukraine will remain unwavering and “as robust as ever during his premiership.”

The UK’s military backing for the war-torn nation had been publicly pledged by Sunak’s predecessors, Liz Truss and Boris Johnson, and the incoming prime minister vowed it would remain “as strong as ever” under his leadership.

“The Prime Minister stated…,” The spokesperson assured the president that his administration will continue to stand in support.

Sunak has been asked to visit Ukraine, according to Zelenskyy, who stated this in his nightly video message.

The “heaviest of battles” for the strategically important southern province of Kherson, which is partially held by Russia, are still to come, according to a senior Ukrainian official who claimed that Moscow’s military is fortifying itself in anticipation of Ukraine’s counteroffensive.

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