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islamophobia: islamophic groups in united states got $100 million funding to fan hatred against muslims

“The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) received a combined total of over $60 million from the Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism Inc between 2017- 2019.”

The the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has disclosed that many Islamophobic groups have received $100 million funding to spread hate against Muslims in the United States and other countries.

In its latest report, CAIR said about 26 anti-Muslim groups received about $106 million from 2017-2019.

The CAIR today released its report, “Islamophobia in the Mainstream” which listed 35 charitable institutions and foundations that funneled $105,865,763 to 26 anti-Muslim groups.

Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism Inc., Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund, Schwab Charitable Fund, Marcus Foundation, the Adelson Family Foundation and the Jewish Communal Fund were among the top six funders of the US Islamophobia network, according to the report.

The Islamophobic groups are accused of spreading false information about Muslim communities in the US and beyond through social media, the press, public hearings and other avenues.

“The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) received a combined total of over $60 million from the Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism Inc between 2017- 2019.”

“The law firm has a history of supporting anti-Muslim policies like the Muslim Ban. In 2017 the ACLJ filed a supporting court brief in defence of the Muslim Ban,” said the report.

AIR’s National Research and Advocacy Coordinator Huzaifa Shahbaz said in a statement that “it is no secret that the Islamophobia Network remains hyper-active and well-funded.”

“Despite a slight decline in foundations that funneled money to anti-Muslim groups, millions of dollars still flow to organisations that spread misinformation and perpetuate dangerous stereotypes about Muslims and Islam.”

Shahbaz also called on the philanthropic community to establish clear policies to prevent funds from going to hate groups and implement educational initiatives for staff and board members to help them understand the extent of anti-Muslim bigotry.

Bullying and anti-mosque incidents

The report also revealed that school bullying against Muslims is rife in the US. 

A survey conducted by the organisation’s Texas branch found that 48% of respondents experienced some type of bullying, including verbal insults, physical abuse, and cyberbullying.

It also found 40 instances where institutional leaders, who hold a position of influence or power within trusted institutions, shared or posted anti-Muslim content online. 

“This illustrated just how mainstream Islamophobia has become to a point where trusted leaders of our institutions feel that it is acceptable to post anti-Muslim comments about the communities they promise to serve equally,” the report said.

At least 16 anti-mosque incidents were conducted between 2019 and 2020, according to the organisation.

Javed Mahmood
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I am an experienced writer, analyst, and author. My exposure in English journalism spans more than 28 years. In the past, I have been working with daily The Muslim (Lahore Bureau), daily Business Recorder (Lahore/Islamabad Bureaus), Daily Times, Islamabad, daily The Nation (Lahore and Karachi). With daily The Nation, I have served as Resident Editor, Karachi. Since 2009, I have been working as a Freelance Writer/Editor for American organizations.

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