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Go Home or we will come out of home: Taliban Threatened US to obey Doha Accord

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is firmly committed to its undertakings outlined in the agreement, and wants the American side to also remain firmly committed to the Doha agreement, Taliban spokesperson said.

FILE PHOTO: File picture of members of a Taliban delegation leaving after peace talks with Afghan senior politicians in Moscow, Russia May 30, 2019. REUTERS/Evgenia Novozhenina/File Photo - RC2HHE9TOUUL

The Afghan Taliban gave a warning to US, on Friday, saying that they would launch Jihad if the American armed forces are not removed by May.

Taliban released a detailed statement to media stating the US had committed in the Doha peace accord on February 29, 2020 to withdraw its troops before May 2021.

“The valiant and Mujahid Afghan nation will be compelled to defend its religion and homeland and continue Jihad and armed struggle against foreign forces to liberate the country. All responsibility for the prolongation of war, death and destruction will be on the shoulders of those who committed this violation,” said the statement.

Responding to the ongoing discussion all over the world about the United Sates’ intention to pullback the foreign forces from Afghanistan, Taliban released a calculative statement as they do not want hurt relations with US.

The Taliban spokesperson said,

“As the US president recently made vague remarks about implementation of the Doha agreement and withdrawal of foreign troops and some NATO member states are seeking to extend the occupation of Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate would like to clarify its stance regarding the issue. The Doha agreement is the most sensible and shortest path to ending the past 20-year war between Afghanistan and America and establishing a peaceful Afghanistan.”

He said the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is firmly committed to its undertakings outlined in the agreement, and wants the American side to also remain firmly committed to the Doha agreement instead of wasting this historic opportunity due to flawed advice and incitement by warmongering circles.

“If, God forbid, all foreign troops are not withdrawn from Afghanistan on the specified date in line with the Doha agreement, undoubtedly it will be considered a violation of the accord by America for which it shall be held liable and which shall also harm its international standing,” he said.

Taliban said if the war was prolonged, the US and its allies would be responsible for the deaths and destruction and violation of the peace accord.

“The resolve and seriousness of the people of Afghanistan must not be tested any further, and reason and logic must prevail to end the war. Afghanistan is the home of Afghans, the establishment of whatever type of government is the lawful right of its citizens. No other nation can impose upon them a government or system from abroad as this is the right of Afghan people,” the statement added.

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