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Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu becomes CEO of Twitter

It’s interesting that a dog, not a human, is the new CEO of Twitter.

Finally, Elon Musk has hired a CEO for Twitter.

It’s interesting that a dog, not a human, is the new CEO of Twitter.

He is Shiba Inu Floki, Musk’s beloved dog.

The brand-new CEO of Twitter believes that his dog Floki would make a superior CEO to the “other person,” Parag Agrawal. Notably, Musk terminated Agarwal as soon as he acquired control of the business in a $44 billion purchase.

Twitter’s CFO Nel Segal and head of legal Vijaya Gadde were both let go, along with Agrawal.

Musk posted a photo of his Shiba Inu, Floki, sitting on the CEO’s chair. 

In the picture, Floki is wearing a Twitter-branded black T-shirt with the word CEO written on it. 

He also has a couple of documents with his paw prints on the table in front of him.

He also has a couple of documents with his paw prints on the table in front of him. Floki has a little laptop with a Twitter logo in front of him in case he needs to send an urgent email. 

Sharting the photo, Musk remarked, “The new CEO of Twitter is wonderful”. 

In another tweet, he stated that the new Twitter CEO is far superior to the “previous” person.

He’s alluding to Parag Agrawal, the former CEO of Twitter.

The Twitter tycoon replied with another tweet, this time featuring a bespectacled Floki and claiming that the new CEO is “great with numbers!”

Musk’s Third Tweet:

Musk praised the lovely dog’s “style” in a third tweet, that included a close-up of him. 

Of course, Musk hasn’t actually named Floki as Twitter’s CEO, but his funny tweets have attracted a significant amount of attention from his followers.

Musk’s tweets on UFO encounters and his “alien pals” triggered a debate just a few days ago. 

Things are again back to normal.

Musk, who is well-known for his unusual humour and Twitter meme tweets, has a way of keeping his admirers and followers engaged.

It’s tough to ignore the wit and charm of a man who makes jokes like putting “cocaine back in Coca-Cola,” although his tweets might be a little too much at times.

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Pavan Manzoor
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Pavan Manzoor is an experienced content writer , editor and social media handler along with a track record of youth-oriented activities in Pakistan and abroad. She was selected as a fully-funded delegate as a leadership fellow in Turkey. She also led a team of 5 volunteers at the week-long Young Professionals Fellowship in Maldives. She is also a member of the Youth Standing Committee on Higher Education.


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