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Avoid Ur immediate Neighbor and Even Ur Neighboring Country on Eid with Largest vaccine maker got highest deaths: India @ 4,000 deaths; imposes stricter lockdowns

Strick lockdown has been imposed by India in its all states due to Covid-19 death toll reaches at the peak.

Official statistics of India’s health ministry has been revealed which talks about the highest death toll 4,187 in last 24 hours and total death scale reaches at 240,000. Moreover, covid positive cases makes new record to 21.9 million. Apart from it, medical experts say that the real statistics of covid can be more than government report.

Tamil Nadu, known for its automobile manufacturing including BMW, Daimler, Hyundai, Ford , Nissan and Renault, said it would move from a partial to a full lockdown on Monday, stopping public transport and shutting state-run alcohol retailers.

Neighboring Karnataka state extended a total shutdown late on Friday. The state capital Bengaluru is a major tech hub, home to major offices of companies including Google, Amazon and Cisco.

India is yet to impose a national lockdown as it did during its first wave last year, but around half of all its states have imposed a total shutdown. The rest are under a partial shutdown.

In pictures: India’s virus catastrophe worsens, with ‘horrible’ weeks ahead

Though it is the world’s biggest vaccine maker, India is struggling to produce and distribute enough doses to stem the wave of Covid-19.

Although the country has administered over 167m vaccine doses, its rate of inoculation has fallen sharply in recent days and only around two per cent of its 1.4 billion people have received the two doses needed to be fully immunised.

A crisis in the south

While states in the country’s northern and western areas have borne the brunt of the pandemic, southern states including Karnataka and Tamil Nadu have seen infections surge.

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in India has brought the healthcare system to the brink of collapse, with patients dying due to lack of oxygen or access to hospital beds.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been criticised for his handling of the oxygen shortage, though the government says it is doing all it can.

Tamil Nadu chief minister M. K. Stalin said in a letter to Modi late on Friday Tamil Nadu’s medical oxygen demand could double in the next two weeks.

“The availability of oxygen in Tamil Nadu is very very critical,” Stalin said, adding that 13 patients died in a hospital on the outskirts of Chennai due to the lack of oxygen.

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