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‘We must not ignore miscarriages and abortions,’ says Juggan Kazim

Famous actress and TV host Juggan Kazim said that married people must not shy of talking about miscarriages and abortions.

She has experienced two miscarriages and faced this problem with courage and support of her hubby and family.

She said, “Our kids and our spouses keep us going. The fact that no matter how bad it gets, you know it’s going to be okay.”

Juggan Kazim opened up about her two miscarriages and challenging pregnancy. She said, “I was pregnant with Noor, and I already had a horrible miscarriage which was quite bloody and it was my fourth month.”

Kazim then quickly switched the topic and apologised for the “graphic details,” but also urged people to recognise miscarriages and medically necessary abortions, reported today.

“I’m sorry this is a bit graphic, but we need to acknowledge that miscarriages also happen, and sometimes you have to abort a perfect child because maybe the head wasn’t developed,” she expressed.

The Saiqa actor also disclosed that she just recently met with a woman who had to “induce labour” as her child was not developing. Kazim stated, “I just came back from dealing with such a case, this women’s doctor had to induce labour because the child was like a parasite and had not developed properly. So, these things happen in life, Munib.”

Kazim continued to share that it was her own “desire” to have a daughter, but it was also a miserable time for her. She also recalled the moment she saw the underdeveloped fetus and asked for it to be put away from her sight. “It was also my own desire to have a daughter and I was used to having my own conversation with God with complete dread. The second time I also experienced seeing the scary [undeveloped fetus] inside being held to my face and I was like, ‘Please put it away.'” Courtesy:

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