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Villains Chasing Heroin: Meera and her family allegedly attacked by armed men in Lahore

My family and I were attacked by armed men in Lahore who threatened to kill us: Meera

A video of the famous actor Meera has been doing rounds on social media where she is explaining a recent event that has shocked her to the core.

The actress claims that she has been receiving death threats from goons that attacked her house in Lahore and are threatening to take over her family properties.

In a video circulating online, the Baaji star complains about goons that had entered her home and terrorized her family.

“We want to make Pakistan clean. We got to places like America and Dubai, tell me, where does something like this happen?” she asked tearfully in the video.

“In the middle of the day, shamelessly, armed gunmen and goons entered our house, they beat up my brother and mother. Tell me, where does this happen?”

She then vowed that she and her family would hang themselves if anyone could prove that they had forged their property documents. “These are lying, cheating, fraud[ulent] people,” she said.

In a conversation with a local news website, Meera revealed that these goons wanted to take over their family properties, specifically in Lahore’s DHA Phase 8.

“They harassed my mother, and the second I reached the property, they threatened me and told me they’d shoot and kill me right away if I stepped forward,” she said, adding that there were eight people.

“For people to barge in like this and pick up arms and ammunition is not a small thing.”

She said the men are in police custody but the main culprit was on the run.

“He’s threatening us, saying he will kill us. It’s very important to catch him.”

She said.

Palwasha Khattak
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