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Sandeep Nahar Co-star of Sushant Singh commits Suicide

The last Facebook post of Indian actor Sandeep Nahar is circulating in which he talks in detail about his mental stress and nepotism in Bollywood. He ended his life by committing suicide yesterday.

In the last Facebook post, Sandeep wrote using the hashtag ‘Suicide Note’ that he had seen many grave problems in life and had no desire to live anymore.

The actor wrote in reference to his wife and mother-in-law that both of them never understood him and never tried to understand him. He said he did not get along with his wife and was fed up with daily feuds. Nahar expressed that he could not take it anymore.

Nahar added that his wife should not be blamed for his suicide saying that it was not his wife’s fault given her nature.

In his last note, the actor thanked his parents and wrote,

“I know that they will say why I ended my life because of them but I want to tell them that it takes courage to live”.

The actor wrote that the only solution to the problems of his life before him was suicide, he wrote,

“I do not know what my next life will be like but I am sure that I will face it easily”.

In the end, Sandeep wrote no one should say anything to his wife after he left, and if possible, try to get her treated.

Sandeep Nahar allegedly committed suicide at his home in Gora village after posting the note on Facebook.

Sandeep Nahar had worked with Sushant Singh Rajput in the film ‘MS Dhoni: An Untold Story’.

Police said Sandeep’s body was found hanging in his house, but he was rushed to a hospital, while he had already died. The local police registered a case to launch the investigation.

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