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Publicity Is The Best Policy: Lahore TikToker involved in scamming Engin Altan arrested

The Turkish celebrity was apparently invited by a Tiktoker Kashif Zameer who reportedly owns a private company in Pakistan.

The man involved in scamming Turkish actor Engin Altan Düzyatan, best known for his role as Ertuğrul Bey in Diriliş: Ertuğrul, has been arrested, police said Thursday.

According to the Deputy Superintendent of Police of the Crime Investigation Agency (DSP CIA) Mian Shafqat, the accused — identified as Kashif Zameer Chaudhry — is a famous TikToker.

“The Turkish actor had sent a request to Inspector General (IG) Punjab via an email, asking him to register a case against Chaudhry for fraudulent activities, sending him fake cheques, and using his pictures without permission,” the DSP CIA said. 

The DCP CIA further revealed that during a search, a vehicle with blue light and a green number plate was recovered from the accused’s house, adding that a case has also been registered against the scammer on behalf of the Turkish actor at the Racecourse Police Station.

The accused had sent fake bank drafts and cheques to Turkey worth Rs90 million, the DSP said, adding that a total of six cases pertaining to fraud have been registered against Kashif in police stations of Sialkot and Lahore, for which he was previously arrested too,” the DSP said.

Who is Kashif Zameer Chaudhry and why did he host Ertugrul star Engin Altan in Lahore?

Back in December 2020, the name of Kashif Zameer Chaudhry went viral after the man’s photos with Altan were posted on social media. 

Altan, who essayed the lead role of Ertugrul Ghazi in Diliris: Ertugrul, has amassed a large fan base in Pakistan. Naturally, his presence in Pakistan attracted attention and curiosity towards the man who brought him here.

The speculations heightened once Altan left the country and Kashif got arrested. 

A TikToker or a fraud?

A famous TikToker, Kashif is known for his love of wearing heavy gold chains and keeping pet lions at home — for which he has been called out. Kashif claims to be the owner of the Chaudhry Group of Companies in Punjab and flaunts photographs with several politicians and celebrities. 

Of police complaints and arrests

Kashif was arrested by the police on December 17, 2020. The authorities said that he was, at that time, nominated in at least eight cases of fraud and deception, betrayal of trust, car theft, and robbery. He also allegedly threatened a local TV anchor. It is, however, unclear as to when he was released from jail and on what account.

Deception and fraud: A million-dollar deal

Kashif struck a $1 million deal with the Ertugrul star but handed over a $5,000 cheque — which bounced when Altan tried to cash it.

Following social media reports, the authorities said Kashif, his father, and his brother have been nominated in several other cases of a similar nature. Reportedly, the TikToker lives in a rented house in Lahore with the pet lion.

He also owes the jeweller money for those dazzling gold chains. 

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