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Natasha Noorani’s Peacock Colored Singing added Elegance in Duet with Abdullah Siddiqui seen as a breath of fresh air

The selection of vibrant colors and the quirky art settings is what this song stands out for.

Calling this new collaboration, a sight for sore eyes wouldn’t be untrue as this new vigorous track of the young music sensation Natasha Noorani and the energetic Abdullah Siddiqui is already making waves.

“I wrote the melody first, had the song arranged to a certain degree and then worked on the lyrics. I then worked on producing it with Abdullah Siddiqui who is a phenomenal human being and musician. He made the sound so much brighter and bigger!”

She said while giving an interview to a local newspaper.

Over time, the singer also explained, the pace of the song changed drastically.

“I had been performing it for a while as well, so I tested out the bits and bobs of the song that I liked and disliked, what worked and what didn’t.” Initially, the song was very slow, she said, adding that it got faster over time.

The overall vibe of the young singer’s music video is quite different from other Pakistani contemporaries with its quirky settings, modern sound and amusing aesthetics.

The musician said that the artwork was ready last year and was created by Sana Ahmed.

“The lettering she created for ‘Choro’ and the palette that she chose inspired the pastel mood of the video. I’m still doing a lot of research based on old vinyls and cassettes, which is why the art is based on old Pakistani vinyl artwork, but kept it in the modern space.”

She explained.

The star didn’t hesitate to point out and further acknowledged that it was teamwork that made the dream work.

“I was very lucky because every single individual I wanted to work with was available and keen to work with me,” she said, adding that the DOP and colour grade Awais Gohar made sure every colour into the video was spot on. “Hashim Ali designed those crazy sets I conceptualised and made the concept grow so much, with on-the-spot changes and the team elevating the video as much as they possibly could.”

Natasha Noorani’s avatar’s in her new music video

Noorani’s hair and makeup is shown in a distinct version in each scene because she planned on showing a different mood and appearance throughout the song.

“We all have different moods and it’s something I really wanted to showcase, especially in terms of the song.”

She said, adding her makeup was done by Tuba Shehzad Malik.

She also didn’t refrain from accepting that her target audience was initially just herself. “I think it was to get myself out of that space I was writing in. Beyond that, I just wanted to make something I could listen to with my friends. A lot of my friends are very kind, want to support me and want to listen to my music, but all of my songs are very sad and very moody, so this is in a space I could enjoy with them and chill,” she laughed.

Despite the colors of the video, the song is constituted of a dark theme and lyrics. “The song represents a toxic environment that one could be stuck in and the pull of that relationship,” she said.

“The patterns are all the same. You notice the red flags and want to leave but there’s so much emotion and history attached so the lines get blurred and it’s hard to leave. It’s basically a conversation between me and myself and assessing what my heart really feels at that point.”

“It was great to be able to execute the song and performance so naturally. It’s something we’re very happy with in the team.”

While crediting much of her song’s success to Abdullah Siddiqui, she said.

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