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Mohammad Hanif quits conference after Palestinian journalist is dis-invited

The Palestinian journalist and poet Mohammed El Kurd was first invited to @goerheinstut’s Hamburg conference, but then he was taken off the list.

Mohammed Hanif, a journalist from Pakistan, decided not to go to the Goethe-conference Institute in Hamburg after they invited and then kicked out a well-known Palestinian writer, Mohammed El Kurd.

In a tweet, the journalist told people about the news and said that the institute was rude to El Kurd.

He typed: “The Palestinian journalist and poet Mohammed El Kurd was first invited to @goerheinstut’s Hamburg conference, but then he was taken off the list.”

“The reason is an even bigger insult. It seems that Kurd does not treat Israel with enough respect. How do you tell someone to go to hell in German?”

He shared the struggles of the well-known Palestinian siblings Mohammed El Kurd and his sister Muna El Kurd in a Twitter thread.

He said that the institute, which is named after the famous author and playwright Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “should inspect itself.”

The author of “A Case of Exploding Mangoes,” said, “I have read little Goethe, but I do not think he wanted the world to be polite to a cruel apartheid regime.”

The Goethe-Institut is holding a conference called “Beyond the Lone Offender – Dynamics of the Global Rights,” at Kampnagel. The conference will “focus on the effects of far-right movements and how they are connected around the world,” according to the Goethe-Institut.

Mohammed El Kurd, a well-known Palestinian author and activist, was asked to take part in one of the panel discussions. But later, he was not allowed to come because he made “comments about Israel” that the institute thought were “unacceptable.”

The institute’s official tweet said, “Unfortunately, the necessary internal coordination didn’t happen until after a premature commitment had already been made.”

Hanif said that he was going to talk about how right-wing structures work.

He responded to Goethe-decision Institut by dropping out of the conference and asking, “Can you really have a conversation like this after leaving out an important witness like Mohammed El Kurd?”

“Mohammed El Kurd’s house was taken over by settlers when he was a child,” he said, emphasising how hard it was for the siblings.

Aimen Bukhari
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Works at The Truth International Magazine. My area of interest includes international relations, peace & conflict studies, qualitative & quantitative research in social sciences, and world politics. Reach@

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