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How do the strangest houses in the world look like?

From domes to caves, from treehouses to icy eagles, there is no shortage of unique homes around the world.

Who doesn’t love a house and dreams of owning it? In fact, it is not just four walls and a roof but it is made up of the memories and habits of the occupants that make this dwelling a paradise or a hell.

But every human being wants his home to be unique to the people around him, the street, the area, the city, but also the country or the world.

From domes to caves, from treehouses to icy eagles, there is no shortage of unique homes around the world that may amaze the onlookers but may leave their mouths wide open.

And seeing the strangest house like this can be a wonderful experience of your life.

Aero Plane House, Nigeria       
Built by Syed Jamal, a resident of Abuja, Nigeria


You may be deceived when you look at it from a distance and think of it as a plane, but in reality, it is a unique house in the shape of a plane.

The house was built by Syed Jamal, a resident of Abuja, Nigeria, in memory of his wife, Lisa, who loved to travel, and after her passing, the depressed husband did not consider it a good tribute.

Toilet House, Korea
Located in the city of Suwon, South Korea

Yes, its name is really Mr. Toilet House which is located in the city of Suwon, South Korea. This toilet-shaped structure is open to the public all year round and various exhibitions and concerts are also held here.

A replica of the Airbus A380

Don’t be fooled, this house is located in the Miziara area of ​​northern Lebanon, a replica of the Airbus A380.

Czech Republic

A 70-year-old man built this house in the Czech Republic’s Valkyrie area, which can move around up and down. The house was completed in about 20 years.

Helium, France
A giant 3D sundial

Called the Helidom, the solar house was built near Strasbourg in eastern France and was designed as a giant 3D sundial.

It changes direction with the movement of the sun, but it is primarily designed to provide shade to those who are short of heat during the summer because it keeps the temperature cool while the sunlight is great in the winter. It stays indoors through windows because these days the position of the sun in the sky is quite low which keeps the indoor atmosphere warm.

Mirror House, Italy
Available for rent on holidays

Located in the Bolzano region of Italy, this house is often ‘hidden’ from view due to the unique design of its mirrors as it gets lost in the scenery around it. However, its design amazes people and it is also available for rent on holidays.

House built on the rock in River, Serbia
Built by a few young people in 1968

Right in the middle of the Serbia River, there is a unique house built on a raised rock. This unique wooden house was built by a few young people in 1968 because they thought the rock was the ideal place for a small shelter.

This house is not only a masterpiece of art but also a special tourist attraction due to its unique architecture.

Tree House, France
You can spend an environmental holiday here

Building houses on trees has been a human interest since time immemorial, but this round treehouse in the Le Pian Madouk region of southern France is an example of its kind.

And the most interesting thing is that it is not owned by anyone but a company rents out to those who want an environmental holiday so that they can enjoy the scenery and the environment.

Stone House, Portugal
Live in caves in modern times

It is a private property with a fence around it, which gives a sense of how people will live in caves in modern times because it has been designed with this idea in mind. It’s not clear who lives in it, but one thing is clear: it gets a lot of people’s attention as soon as the owners sign the private property.

Home made of imitation rocks, China
A hippie’s dream

On the roof of a 26-story residential building in Beijing, the capital of China, a hippie built a unique house with artificial stones.

The house, in the shape of an old mausoleum, also has a garden, but it was built illegally, so it was demolished just 15 days after it was built in August 2013.

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