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“Do not call them Dead”, they are martyrs & Nation’s Heroes: ISPR’s military reality show “60 hours to Glory” with Fakhre Alam

With team from around the world, the 26-episode series will show a military competition and highlight soldiers’ struggles.

It is necessary to show your might when you have external and internal enemies everywhere. Pakistan is in a state of war in most parts of over 70 years of life. Enemies are reemerging in various forms. Friends turning into enemies, enemies turning into friends.

When external enemies are silent, natural disasters hit the country badly, turn everything upside down. The only constant here is the state of war. Now the call for the homeland is to prosper with the protection of its citizens. The protection comes from the strong force.

War is like at the doorstep of every home in Pakistan. Though Pakistan might not be a martial race, however, its recent race is against many current so-called martial nations. So preparing the nation for any enemy is a sensible approach. It can be a part of a national narrative, if not, then national narrative should reflect some sense of it.

ISPR’s this initiative is a new form of Noor Jahan’s famous song, “Ae Puttar Hattan te Nai Wik de” and “Shaheed ki Mout Qoum ki hayat hai”.

Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) has joined hands with Hum TV (a private TV channel) to bring Pakistan’s biggest military reality show.

Earlier, Fakhr-e-Alam shared the news of the military show which will be broadcasted for the first time in Pakistan, where the 45-year-old star will glide into the shoes of a host. The star announced that 60 Hours to Glory will air on Hum TV and ARY and was “one of the toughest and [most] exhausting filming projects of my career.”

“It has been an honor to witness first hand the rigors of a soldier in a hostile, nerve wrecking, body shattering environment.”

He said.

The show has already completed outdoor shooting with 120 cameras and it will be followed by indoor shootings soon. The reality TV show is based on “one of the toughest military competitions” called the Pakistan Army Team Spirit, where the contestants will be eight local teams and four international teams.

On ISPR’s official Instagram page, the complete information is given regarding the shows, Pakistan Army Team Spirit (PATS), and how any youth can engage and get a chance to win an opportunity in a form of a Bootcamp at The Airborne Action Sports Centre (Kakul) and the Eagles’ Nest.

ISPR’s post on Instagram

The local team that wins the competition will get a chance to represent the nation at the Cambrian Patrol, a competition hosted by the British Armed Forces where over 140 teams from around the world come to compete. In the past, Pakistani teams have won the competition five times.

It is unclear when the show will begin airing but whenever it does, episodes will be shown simultaneously on HUM TV and PTV. There will be 26 episodes.

Multiples teasers for the show have already been released.

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