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Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid

DIARY  OF  AN  AWESOME FRIENDLY KID is a book written by Jeff Kinney. This is Rowley Jefferson’s journal. He decides to start one as his best friend Greg also writes it. Rowley told Greg about it who asserts that Rowley should write a biography  about  him  instead.  So, Rowley reformats his journal into funny tales of the two of them.

The writer of the book is trying to teach children about kindness, and caring for everyone, all in a fun way. This book is very thrilling, creepy, and interesting at the same time. It gives positive messages and has positive role models and presentations.

Rowley employs some good study methods like practice tests, songs to remember concepts, and knowing when to bail on your friend who does not want to study so you can get work done. Lessons about common friend-ship problems are presented, like how to find out that you are being taken advantage of or lied to about some-thing and not standing up for yourself.

We get only glimpses of Rowley expressing himself, through his joy in doing well in school and his superhero character who wants to spread kindness. He slowly realizes that Greg lies to him and does not always treat him well, but he rarely sticks up for himself.

This book is great for kids because it gives positive messages. Even when things start to go downhill, he always finds a way to cheer himself up, but this might be a little scary for little children so I recommend this book for children above 7

Book Review by: The Truth International.

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