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Cricket Match made for Afridis, go for a long-term Match: Shahid Afridi confirms Shaheen Afridi will be his son-in-law

If God is willing, then Shaheen Afridi will be my son in law in recent future.

The most globally liked Former cricket team captain Shahid Khan Afridi has confirmed that his eldest daughter will be in relationship with Pakistani fast bowler Shaheen Shah Afridi in the future.

He further said in a recent interview with a private channel, Shahid was asked about the engagement of his daughter with star pacer Shaheen, to which he replied that if God’s willing, the young bowler will be his son-in-law in the future.

The cricket star shared that Shaheen had no relationship with his daughter before this development.

“We Afridis have eight tribes, Shaheen and we belong to different tribes,” the former captain said.

He further said that for the last two years, Shaheen’s parents had a strong desire that both families should convert acquaintances into a formal relationship.

Shahid said that his daughter wants to become a doctor and at present, it is not decided whether she will pursue further education in Pakistan or England.

Shaheen’s father Ayaz Khan had earlier spoken to the media and confirmed that both families have longstanding relations and that Shahid’s family has agreed to the proposal.

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