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Bamsi Bey is No More On Screen – Shahadat: Ertugrul best Friend Offers Supreme Sacrifice – Pakistani teens Mourn

Ertuğrul took Pakistan by storm, specifically because of its originality and story-line.

Not too long ago, Turkish historical fiction and adventure series Diriliş: Ertuğrul took Pakistan by storm, specifically because of its originality and story-line. The show is about the 13th-century Turkish warrior Ertugrul, one of the most famous ones of his time and also the father of Osman (the founder of the Ottoman Empire).

Ertugrul’s story gradually moves to Kuruluş: Osman, where fans earlier mourned the demise of the famous warrior. Taking to social media, many mourned the death of Ertugrul.

And now, another beloved character has fallen. Bamsi Bey, the third among Ertugrul’s most trusted friends and Kayi Tribe’s finest warriors died on the latest episode of Kulurus Osman. Fans can’t seem to come to terms with the goofy, innocent and strong Bamsi’s exit from the show.

People of Pakistan especially young ones are fan of Ertugrul ad his friends, a true hero for them in Islam.

Original Grace of real person Bamsi Bey in Turky.

Their love for Ertugrul and his friends had been growing for last Ramzan, when the series were televised on state run TV, PTV. It touched the skies of fame with ten millions of views quite recently.

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