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A marriage is made in heavens not in Dramas: Inadmissible Trend of Forced Nikkah’s in Pakistani Dramas

Anyone’s life one of the most important event and life changing experience is her/his marriage, forced, arranged or love marriage. Can it turn into a happily ever after event?

Nikkah is viewed as perhaps the most holy bonds in any Muslim society. The terms and conditions for this nikkah to be substantial are likewise very clear to even those individuals who are not knowledgeable or mindful. There are certainly cases when actually individuals make a joke out of nikkah. People now and then are compelled to go into a nikkah in all actuality due to various reasons. This is anyway a truly touchy subject which the greater part of the Pakistani show essayists have managed to make discussion. These days, lamentably, large numbers of the makers need discussions with the goal that they stand out enough to be noticed. There are such countless various channels producing endless dramatizations in this way now and then these contentions are utilized to stand out enough to be noticed of the watchers. At different occasions these nikkah’s are constrained in a backhanded manner to begin a particular track which in the long run turns into the focal point of consideration or a ‘romantic tale’.

There are a few Pakistani dramatizations like Sammi and even Udaari which offered significance to a man and a lady’s assent in marriage. This assent can’t be constrained on a young lady or even a man and assuming it is, the legitimacy of the nikkah is problematic. Since the majority of the Pakistani dramatizations manage conjugal issues and they show ladies specifically as the person in question, there have been a lot of constrained nikkahs in Pakistani dramatizations. Each time we believe that we have seen the more regrettable, the makers and essayists think of something much more unusual and disagreeable. The most upsetting component of a portion of these dramatizations has been that these constrained nikkahs were messed with so by general society and the producers. They were appeared as ordinary relationships for certain issues and in the end all that turns out great. In the event that these constrained nikkahs are really appeared as being invalid and dangerous just like the case with Rehaii then it is entirely fine however assuming they are utilized as ‘unexpected developments’ there isn’t anything directly about showing such circumstances.

Here are the absolute most famous Pakistani dramatizations that didn’t just show such circumstances yet in addition standardized constrained nikkahs.

1 Gul-e-Rana

2 Beqasoor

3 Andaz-e-Sitam

4 Muqaddar

5 Malal-e-Yaar


Gul-e-Rana featured the absolute generally sought-after entertainers of the business and this show was watched by millions. It was delivered by not one but rather two of the greatest creation houses in the nation; MD and Six Sigma Productions. These enormous creations set an awful trend with this show which was trailed by so numerous in the impending dramatization. This show was likewise the ideal illustration of how a risky storyline can without much of a stretch be overlooked by individuals insofar as they are having the opportunity to see their number one stars in the dramatization. After Gul-e-Rana’s dad passes on, she moves into her uncle’s (father’s sibling) house. The uncle’s child ends up being a ruined rascal who needs to show Gul-e-Rana a thing or two after she affronts him more than once. A couple of days after their cooperation start, the show took an appalling transform when Adeel constrained Rana to go into a nikkah with him. As though this was adequately not, it was additionally shown that he gave her resting pills and assaulted her! She woke up not understanding what had happened yet then acknowledged she wasn’t wearing the garments she was wearing the previous evening! We actually can’t comprehend how the creators pulled off this unfairness.


Beqasoor had such countless females who were continually shown enduring in the dramatization. As the title of the show proposes it was about individuals who endure no explanation. This dramatization took one sad turn after the other and it banked vigorously on the bechari aurat to accumulate compassion and TRPs. In numerous dramatizations, we have seen eager dads who cause their girls to go into constrained nikkahs however Beqasoor’s treatment of this advancement was basically appalling. This constrained nikkah was utilized as a methods for ‘character improvement’ and showing much more exploitation of the ladies in question. As though this was not awful enough, the mother of the young lady gave her toxic substance so she wouldn’t need to live with this more established man she had to get hitched to.


The pattern set by Gul-e-Rana turned out to be so ‘mainstream’ among the makers that Big Bang chose to concoct one more story of abducting transformed into nikkah! It isn’t just pitiful that these men are shown driving ladies into these nikkahs yet by one way or another the molvis included likewise see nothing amiss with it. Since nikkah involves the presence of a strict head to guarantee that it isn’t being constrained upon somebody, our makers are conveying some unacceptable message about religion also by showing such situations. Albeit this improvement was appeared as a ‘sitam’, the actual scene is a reasonable portrayal of what’s going on with such situations.


Muqaddar is another show with the absolute best entertainers in the business which has standardized constrained nikkah. When a powerful primitive and legislator becomes hopelessly enamored with a young lady, he first attempts to convince his family to make her his significant other and when that doesn’t work, he hijacks her. Even after the seizing this young lady Raima isn’t willing to acknowledge his ‘proposition’ for clear reasons. At last, he compromises that he will slaughter his relatives on the off chance that she doesn’t proceed with the nikkah and that is the manner by which the two of them get hitched. What exacerbated the situation was the way Raima became hopelessly enamored with the individual who did this to her and is currently making the most of her situation in her new home. Watching entertainers, for example, Faysal Qureshi and Madiha Imam playing the focal characters in such a story is disturbing.


Malal-e-Yaar was another dramatization that showed a constrained nikkah in a circumstance that was, sadly, excessively natural taking everything into account. It showed how an incredible medieval compresses a young lady who was appeared as solid headed and blazing into entering in a nikkah with him despite the fact that she is enamored with another person and gives it her best shot to move away from this terrible man. When the molvi will not do as such, he is treated in a similar way and eventually needs to yield! While most likely such men should compress ladies thusly, showing such circumstances and afterward showing that such individuals really remained wedded till the end is strange. Is such a nikkah even legitimate? Indeed, Pakistani show scholars unquestionably think so!!

Pakistani dramatizations are watched all throughout the planet subsequently showing such situations more than once in dramatizations sends some unacceptable message about Pakistani culture and society to each one of those individuals. Not just this, the possibility that a young lady can experience passionate feelings for and afterward carry on with a cheerful existence with somebody who constrained her into a nikkah is far and away more terrible. Above all, utilizing such tracks to give ‘amusement’ is the most disillusioning viewpoint.

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