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China launches hundreds of aeroplanes near Taiwan

It had been fewer than a month since China dispatched 30 fighter jets on a similar mission, making this the third time of Chinese aircraft crossing Taiwan’s ADIZ since the beginning of the year.

On 22nd June Tuesday, 29 Chinese warplanes flew into Taiwan’s self-declared air defence identification zone (ADIZ), according to the island’s defence ministry.
Fighter jets, early warning and control aircraft, electronic warfare aircraft, anti-submarine weapons, electronic intelligence aircraft, and aerial refuelling planes were all included in the PLA Air Force’s planes, according to the Defence Ministry.

It had been fewer than a month since China dispatched 30 fighter jets on a similar mission, making this the third time of Chinese aircraft crossing Taiwan’s ADIZ since the beginning of the year.

The Taiwanese military responded by scrambling combat aircraft, issuing radio alerts, and deploying air defence missile systems to monitor the activity, the Defense Ministry said.

Since the fall of the Nationalists at the conclusion of the Chinese civil war over 70 years ago, Taiwan and mainland China have been governed independently.
Despite this, China’s governing Communist Party (CCP) considers the self-governed island to be part of its territory.

With repeated warplane incursions into Taiwan’s ADIZ, Beijing has maintained pressure on the democratic island in recent years but has not ruled out military force. Unlike sovereign airspace, which is defined by international law as 12 nautical miles from a territory’s shoreline, an ADIZ is imposed by the United States unilaterally.
A specified region of airspace over land or sea in which a country requires the quick and positive identification, location, and air traffic management of aircraft in the country’s interest’s national security, according to the US Federal Aviation Administration. Tensions in the Taiwan Strait.
In recent months, the question of Taiwan has dominated ties between the United States and China.
The Shangri-La Dialogue defence meeting in Singapore earlier this month was dominated by tensions between Washington, which is dedicated to helping Taiwan’s self-defence, and Beijing, which is not.

As part of a keynote address in Singapore, Chinese Defence Minister Wei Fenghe called on his country to “fight to the very end” against Taiwanese independence, claiming that the United States is a regional “bully.”
According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the Taiwan Strait “is not an international sea,” as previously stated during the Shangri-La meeting.
A Foreign Ministry official stated in a briefing on June 13 that China’s territorial sea, contiguous zone, and exclusive economic zone (EEZ) stretch from the shores of Taiwan and China to the centre line of the Strait, citing the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and China’s domestic law.
According to an editorial in China’s state-run tabloid Global Times published on Wednesday, the 110-mile-wide (180 km) Taiwan Strait — the body of water separating Taiwan from the mainland by 110 miles — is not international water but is instead entirely under Beijing’s jurisdiction. Beijing’s position was reiterated in the editorial.
The US and other warships that frequently travel through the strait are provocations that undermine Chinese sovereignty and are not innocent passage, a recognised international right, according to the Global Times.
There is a distinct perspective from the US Navy, which often sends warships through this strait, notably the guided-missile cruiser USS Port Royal on May 10.
International law mandates that a country’s territorial waters extend 12 nautical miles from its shore.

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