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I Capture The Castle

I Capture the Castle is the first novel by the English writer Dodie Smith, composed during the Second World War when she and her significant other Alec Beesley had moved to California. She begged for home and composed of a more joyful time, unknown in the novel separated from a reference to living during the 1930s.

I truly adored this book and was very sad when it finished. The plot is sweet, charming and captures an irregular discovery. It is composed as a diary that has been styled as a novel, which is a somewhat confusing idea, yet which delivers the reader with an excellent, refreshing way of writing. I loved this style as I love journal writing and journal novels.

The characters are clear and individual, and I think truly interesting. I could relate with Cassandra with her gentleness and clumsiness. Each character is absolutely unique in their own way. I adored the hidden story of

Cassandra’s dad, an author who kept in touch with one famous book then, at that point, after a short spell in jail, turned out to be curiously kept, writing nothing by any means.

This book was particularly awesome, fascinating and unusual. I felt like I nearly was Cassandra, since her confessions, reports and just her thoughts in her diaries gave me a careful understanding of her. I cherished how the different parts of the book was organized in different assessed journals, which makes the novel more fun and interesting to read.

I really enjoyed reading this book and it will definitely be one of my favourites because I could relate to it so much. I would recommend this book for teens and preteens mainly because they will have something to relate to and have fun reading it. I would also recommend my family and friends to read this book.

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