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Adventures of Tom Sawyer

he adventures of Tom Sawyer revolves around the youthful adventures of the novel’s schoolboy protagonist,   Thomas   Sawyer,   whose   reputation precedes him for causing mischief and strike. Tom lives with his aunty Polly, half-brother Sid and Cousin Mary in the quaint town of St. Petersburg, just off the shore of the Mississippi river. St. Petersburg is described as a typical small town atmosphere where the Christan faith is predominant, the social network is close-knit and familiar resides.

I liked the school scenes, the pirating adventures, and the romance with Becky, but the standout part, for me, was definitely the cave. It was a terrific conclusion to the story that gave Tom an obstacle worthy of the best adventure novels, and it proved to be highly memorable and, needless to say, very entertaining.

In this book you will experience a strong dose of humor, a lot of nostalgia, the innocence of childhood, superstitions, murder, a revenge, and slavery – all of which are ingredients for a classic story.

The overall tone of the book is obviously humorous. For children reading this book, the adventures are quite exciting. However, this book is believed to be for young adults and adults. This book is in narrative style, by an adult who sees the world cynically, yet sentimentally when he dwells on his childhood longingly.

I think teenagers today are going to like this book. Even though this book is a classic there might be some teenagers who would find interest in how kids were in 1800s. I would recommend this book for children above the age of 13.

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