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Mental health issues heightened due to COVID-19: Mental Health Day

World Health Organisation (WHO) report says Covid-19 has created a severe mental health crisis in roughly 93% of the countries of the world. The pandemic has not only made it extremely difficult to treat those with existing psychiatric or neurological conditions, but even those with no history of mental health issues have also been reporting symptoms associated with various psychological disorders.

No matter how much we shy away from mental health issues, they continue to exist among us in different sorts. With the onset of COVID-19, mental health only deteriorated with the continuous fear and frustration due to uncertainty. As we remain preoccupied with its more direct effects, the coronavirus did exacerbate the mental health epidemic by heightening anxieties and psychological stress across the globe.

 “It is no secret that mental and nervous disorders have spiked to an alarming level since the outbreak of Covid-19,”

said Neurologist and General Secretary of Pakistan Neurology Awareness and Research Foundation (PNARF) Dr. Abdul Malik.

“Mental health issues are now being reported in both those with and without a history of such conditions.” he added.

According to Dr. Malik, increasing poverty and financial instability have also contributed to the surge.

“Lack of money, unemployment, and lack of social interaction are all situations that can increase psychological stress,” he said.

He asserted, however, that with the right support, most mental health issues were treatable.

Report by: The Truth International

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