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melaosho: First Ever Organic Products Online Platform in Pakistan Introduced

First ever Green Economy innovation in Pakistan. Melaosho is owned by Ibad Ur Rehman who is from Upper (DIR) Deer. He took this interesting innovative initiate in Pakistan.

Melaosho is Pakistan’s first modern online platform operating to market domestic products from all across Pakistan under a registered company, Melaosho Traders (Private) Limited. The Company is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) and works to bring innovation in Pakistan’s domestic products as well as provide them easy access to the national and the global markets in order to promote green economy and achieve sustainable development.

How to approach Melaosho?

Any craftsman, farmer, manufacturer, shopkeeper, etc. can showcase their products or skills to the world through the Melaosho platform.You can easily become a part of this platform through Melaosho franchises based in different parts of the country or via our website to showcase your product or craft.

The Melaosho platform will provide eco-friendly packaging, timely access and world-class marketing for the local products.There are three ways of placing an order.

  1. Via Melaosho app or website
  2. Through a phone call
  3. Through a Melaosho franchise

To ensure timely and secure access, Melaosho will use its bikes and vans to deliver the products to the customers.

Pakistan’s new Start-Up: Small businesses, big platform

Millions of people are involved in making various local traditional items in every part of this land and our goal is to create small businesses for them across the country because, unfortunately, these poor people do not have access to the national and the international markets to showcase their products or skills.

The manufacturing of the local traditional items is a huge industry in Pakistan but it has been neglected for a long time. In the first phase, Melaosho has worked in different areas that are rich with natural resources and traditional materials across Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

We believe that marketing of goods will provide employment opportunities to the crafts person, farmers and others as well as connect them to bigger markets while they continue to work in their native areas.

With the efforts of Melaosho, various craft workers and farmers from remote areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have started joining this platform, which is beginning to have positive effects.

Saving the Planet with 100% Recyclable and Eco-friendly Packaging

To battle climate change, global warming, and other environmental hazards that we are facing right now, Melaosho designs 100% recyclable, reusable, and low-cost cloth bags to deliver all of its products.

To make this happen, we collect bags along with other recyclable packaging material from our consumers and recycle them for the next delivery. Doing so will not only minimize the packaging costs for local products but also help our planet breathe!

Saying a BIG NO to Plastic Shopping Bags for a better Future

Melaosho is determined to defeat the alarmingly widespread trend of plastic shopping bags and replace it with eco-friendly, reusable and biodegradable packaging. We are working towards this plastic-free vision of ours by setting the trend of environment-friendly packaging across Pakistan and the whole globe.

Tree for a Tree – Modern Techniques to minimize Deforestation

Melaosho applies modern and smart techniques to foster sustainability and minimize the excessive use of precious wood like Walnut at unjustified low cost. We will provide each farmer and woodsmith one Walnut tree to plant after cutting one dead Walnut tree or any other fruit tree.

Sustainability is the Key – Choose Fast, Choose Melaosho

Mealosho’s green innovation mainly focuses on achieving sustainability by promoting eco-friendly products. To save food items from perishing, we minimize delays and assure a timely delivery to our end users by our super-quick delivery standards. We are also introducing economy packages as per consumption in every product to save surplus food from being wasted.

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